Private Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants on a property that are installed on the customer's side of a double detector check assembly (fire meter) are private, and are not maintained or inspected by the City.  Maintenance of private fire hydrants is the responsibility of the property owner.  In Marietta, private fire hydrants are required to be painted red and have a blue reflective band around the bonnet. Private fire hydrants are required to be inspected annually by a qualified service provider and the report forwarded to our department via our third-party reporting service.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 291 - For rapid identification at night, it is recommended that the colors be of a reflective-type paint. - When private hydrants are located on public streets (including fire apparatus access roads), they should be painted red to distinguish them from public hydrants (that are silver).

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 24

  • The center of the large diameter orifice faces the road or fire department access, and is between 18 and 36 inches above final grade level
  • From the center of the operating nut on the top shall have an unobstructed clear radius of 36 inches around the hydrant


Important Information from the State Fire Code regarding all Fire Hydrants, public or private:

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person in any manner to obstruct the use of any fire hydrant or place any material or objects as to obstruct its view from the roadway or other approach. 
  2. Hydrant locks shall not be permitted on hydrant valves unless approved in writing by the Fire Chief of the responding fire department. 
  3. Fire hydrants shall be accessible to fire service personnel at all times. No person shall place or maintain any post, fence, vehicle, vegetation, growth, trash, or storage of any other materials that would obstruct the view of or access to a fire hydrant and hinder or prevent its immediate use by fire service personnel. 
  4. A minimum clearance of 36-inches to and around the hydrant shall be maintained for the safe and efficient operation of the fire hydrant. The front of the hydrant shall be open to the roadway or approach and the minimum clearance in the rear of the hydrant from discharge nozzle to discharge nozzle shall be no less than three feet. The minimum clearance of three feet out from the hydrant shall be maintained out to the roadway or approach. 
  5. Any roadway in front of a hydrant shall be kept clear of vehicles for fifteen feet in either direction in accordance with §40-6-203 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. 
  6. No person shall change the paint color of a fire hydrant from that established or set by the authority having jurisdiction. 
  7. No person shall, in any way, interfere with or tamper with any fire hydrant or attempt to take water therefrom without special authority from the fire department.