Knox Box / Key Box

Knox Life Safety System

Marietta utilizes the Knox Life Safety System as our designated method of emergency access for real property and buildings.  A Knox box is required for all buildings and/or tenants protected with a fire alarm or fire sprinkler system.  Mount at 5’0” above grade at/adjacent to the main entry.  Powered gates shall provide a Knox key-switch, located at the common call box.  Please use caution when ordering from the KnoxBox website - Georgia - Marietta Fire Dept is the only acceptable selection.  If the Knoxbox product is not keyed to the Georgia - Marietta Fire Dept, the device will be required to be replaced with one that is properly keyed.

Commercially approved Knox box models

Knoxvault 4400
KnoxBox 3200

Gate and Key Switches approved
Single Key Switch on Mounting Plate - Model #3502

Residential options available through the verification below

Please verify your address before you proceed to ensure that you are inside the City Limits of Marietta.

Key / Knox Box Request