Building Life Safety Plan Submittal Requirements

For any building plans, including, new buildings, additions to buildings, tenant remodels, temporary buildings, and tenant finishes. A complete submittal will assist us in quickly processing your application.

ALL Applications for Construction Permits are required to be submitted through SagesGov.  Users must register an account with the City.

  1. The complete digital Marietta Building Permit Application
  2. Proof of approved site plans, when applicable
  3. Scope of work letter including a statement of how the space will be used
  4. Plans/drawings - meeting the following minimum requirements:
    • Job Name & Project Address on the plans
    • Show a top view of the tenant location inside the building
    • Overall area of the space shown; it must be scaled or show dimensions of each room
    • Show all door, window and wall locations, as well as furniture layout, merchandise, shelving/fixtures for the tenant space
    • Identify and label each room on the drawings - exit signs including tactile exit signs, emergency light & fire extinguisher locations
    • Key Plan (Show the proximity of the space in conjunction with building and/or property)
    • Accessibility features and details including - accessible route, turning radius, counter heights, reach range, and restroom features.
    • Complete egress route to 10-feet away- outside the building (Show how to access two exits)
State law requires an architect’s seal (non-structural design may be sealed by a registered interior designer) on any of the following:
  • A building that is more than 5,000 square feet or more than one story (not limited to the tenant space or scope of work)
  • Assembly
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Correction or detention
  • Hotel, dormitory or lodging
  • Multi-family housing or apartment complex
  • Care facilities