Fire & Life Safety Systems Inspections

108.3 Recordkeeping

A record of periodic inspections, tests, servicing and other operations and maintenance shall be maintained on the premises or other approved location for not less than 3 years, or a different period of time where specified in this code or referenced standards. Records shall be made available for inspection by the fire code official, and a copy of the records shall be provided to the fire code official on request.

The fire code official is authorized to prescribe the form and format of such recordkeeping. The fire code official is authorized to require that certain required records be filed with the fire code official.

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Inspection Reports Online

Helpful Tips:

  • Our AHJ ID is GAA11463. This is necessary when service providers submit reports through IROL.
  • IROL’s system provides industry-based reports OR service providers can upload/submit their own test report.
  • Users are able to track and update deficiencies and communicate with our department and/or a service provider, and the business/property owner, directly through IROL at no additional costs.
  • There are no user fees or additional fees associated with IROL.
  • Service providers are able to create and add unlimited number of users.
  • Business/property owners are able to register and use IROL at no cost allowing service providers to also electronically submit to their customers.
  • New service provider registrations may take up to two days to process.
  • IROL does provide new user training.
  • All questions related to IROL should be addressed to IROL. Please contact IROL directly at or 331-454-7800.


Report types to be submitted (exception: one-and-two-family dwellings): 

Initial System Commissioning                                   Annual Sprinkler

Annual Fire Alarm                                                      Annual Fire Pump

Annual and Semi-Annual Hood Suppression             5-year Internal Pipe

Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Cleaning                         Annual Emergency Generator

Annual Smoke Control System                                   5-year Standpipe

Annual Standpipe                                                        Annual Clean Agent                 

Annual Fire Door                                                         Annual Emergency Radio

Annual Private Hydrant                                               Declined Service (No cost)         

Emergency Service Call (Location on Fire Watch)                       

Please review the required submission time frames listed below:

  • Clear/Compliant: Systems containing NO deficiencies will be submitted within a 30-day time frame of when the inspection took place.
  • Deficient: Systems containing any deficiencies will be submitted within a 7-10 day time frame of when the inspection took place.
  • Critical: Upon ANY red tag/CRITICAL impairment, please notify the Fire Marshal’s Office immediately. Once we’re notified, please upload the information through IROL as soon as possible.