Wellness Program

The Marietta Fire Department recognizes the need for its members to achieve maximum fitness levels, to that end, it provides biannual physical fitness testing and annual health examinations for its personnel. Several men and women in the department are certified through the Cooper Institute as Peer Fitness Trainers. Now called Fire Service Fitness Specialists, these individuals aim to combat injuries and prevent deaths by demonstrating fitness leadership and teaching technical skills.

CrossFit: Ideal for Firefighter Fitness

A number of Marietta Firefighters have been performing CrossFit workouts (WODs) for years. Many of the CrossFit exercises and WODs mimic the exhaustive work that firefighters perform. It is for that reason that our department has adopted it as our main fitness program. In the past, our annual physical fitness testing was centered on traditional methods of measuring tools such as running, sit-ups, and push-ups. Now we have a CrossFit-style fitness test called "The Blitz" that uses job-related movements and equipment to help set goals and measure fitness.

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