Water Restrictions

  • Outdoor watering restrictions eased.   All types of outdoor watering may resume any day of the week.  However, landscape watering should only take place between the hours of 4 pm and 10 am.

Water Conservation Information


Water Waste Penalty

Effective April 1, 2008 the structure of the water waste penalty is: for the first offense, a written warning; the second offense, a $100 fine; the third offense, a $500 fine, and fourth and subsequent violations, a $500 fine and water service will be discontinued. In order to encourage the efficient use of outdoor water and the proper maintenance of irrigation systems and pools, the following activities will be subject to a water waste penalty:
  • A broken irrigation system (missing heads, broken pipes, etc.)
  • Excessive runoff - water running down the driveway, street or sidewalk.
  • A hose running unattended without a shutoff nozzle.