Sugar Hill Tank Replacement

Project Description

The Sugar Hill Tank Replacement project consists of the construction of a new 750,000 gallon elevated water storage tank. This new tank is required to replace the existing 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank on Sugar Hill Drive which is at the end of its service life. The increased capacity of the new tank will accomodate recent growth in the Sugar Hill service area as well as provide additional fire fighting volumes. The new tank is to be constructed at 552 Sugar Hill Drive. Construction is expected to begin in August, 2022 and continue through early 2024.

Project Contacts

Marietta Water

In the event of a water related emergency, please call Marietta Water Dispatch at 770-794-5230.

For non-emergency questions related to the project you can contact the Marietta Water Engineering Manager, Jacob DeWoody, at 770-794-5186 or by email at

Managing Engineer

Marietta Water has been working with Brown & Caldwell (B&C) engineers to design the new Sugar Hill Tank, and B&C will also be assisting with managing construction of this project. The project manager for B&C is Josh Funte. Josh can be reached at 770-673-3627 or by email at


The awarded general contractor for this project is Caldwell Tanks. For more information on Caldwell Tanks you can visit their website here: Caldwell Tanks Home Page.


Existing Sugar Hill Tank

Image of existing Sugar Hill Tank