Certificate of Occupancy

ALL of your TRADE FINALS and grading/ zoning finals must be passed prior to your request for a BUILDING FINAL inspection.

  • No space may be occupied until a certificate of occupancy (CO) is issued.
  • Power must be on for electrical and mechanical final, and water must be on for plumbing final inspection. Gas must be on and operable if heat is in a gas-fired furnace or cooking appliance is gas-reliant.
  • Any permit holder of a residential unit requesting a Building Final inspection must have permanent installed heating, tempered water for sanitary purposes, and an appliance installed for cooking, per the Minimum Standard Code.
  • Blower Door test or Duct Tightness test shall be posted at the Electrical Panel at the time of the Mechanical Final.  All information on this Georgia Residential Energy Compliance Certificate shall be completed.  The GC or Permit Holder is responsible for ensuring that all information is completed and accurate.    

When all appropriate final inspections are completed & outstanding re-inspection fees paid a CO will be issued. 

*SagesGov will email the Permit Holder a link to print the Certificate of Occupancy
If all items are satisfied in your Sages account- concerning the inspections or fees- the permit holder will receive a link from SagesGov within 24-48 hours of the items being cleared on the permit in question.  Usually it does not take that long, but we cannot always control occasional technical difficulties or system backups.

No call or email is necessary to our office unless you do not receive a link from Sages after 48 hours. You may check your sages account for any fees or missing items, or call/email one of our Permit Technicians listed here--->