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NOTE:  If you are using SagesGov.Com in another jurisdiction, you will need to set up access to Marietta, GA.  Each login is specific to the area in order for mapping/GIS accessibility to work.   Click Here to learn How to request access to SagesGov when you have an account with another Jurisdiction

“Please contact the GIS Team at 770-794-5550 with any address related questions. Addresses created or changed outside of the GIS team's processing procedures will not exist in the system and could cause locating issues for City services such as sanitation, utilities, and emergency response.”



When do I need a permit?

A permit is required whenever an owner or contractor intends to:  construct new, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish a building or structure, or install or alter any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system. 
In addition, utility construction and site development also require permits.  Examples include:

  • Decks (new, repair, or replace) 
  • Water heater replacement
  • New window installation
  • Change of occupancy
  • New HVAC system (partial or whole)
  • Outdoor accessory structures

Is anything exempt from a permit?

Although fence construction is exempt, Planning and Zoning has specific requirements for height, location, and configuration.
Click here to access guidelines for fence construction.

How much does a permit cost?

Permit Fee Schedule 

• $5 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor + materials) 
• $50 base fee 
• No plan review fee 
Commercial / Institutional  (Based on Cost of Construction)
• $250K or less: $4 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor + materials) 
• $50 base fee 
• Plan review fee* 
• $250K or greater: $6 per $1000 of total construction costs (labor +  materials) 
• $50 base fee 
• Plan review fee* 

Reinspection Fees

• 1st inspection - no charge
• 1st Disapproved reinspection - $50.00 
• 2nd Disapproved reinspection - $75.00

• 3rd Disapproved reinspection - $100.00 

• Each additional failed reinspection - $100.00

PLAN REVIEW FEE SCHEDULE                                          

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- Under 250K= $125 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $250,001 up to $500k= $250 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $500,001 up to $1 Million= $500 Flat Rate

Commercial Building Plan Review Fee- $1 Million and over= $1,000 Flat Rate

Can a homeowner be their own Building Contractor?

A homeowner can be their own Building Contractor if they meet conditions set forth in O.C.G.A. 43-41-17(h). These conditions are listed on the Homeowner Affidavit required to be notarized and submitted with permit application.

Click here

for a copy of the affidavit.

How do I apply for a permit?

All permitting is done online using SAGES software;  

click here

 to register and create account.

Where can I find the current codes?

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs regulates codes currently mandated;  

click here  to access.

What documents will I need to apply for a permit?

Documents required are determined by project being either residential or commercial, interior only or exterior, general contractor or homeowner as contractor.

Residential – General Contractor – Documents required

  • Copy of GC’s state license
  • Copy of GC’s business license
  • Photocopy of GC’s driver’s license
  • Construction plans - Plans should include a detailed scope of work and provide a scaled, dimensional drawing depicting existing and proposed floorplans, denote function of all rooms, provide specific measurements for footings and framing when applicable, and bear the name of the individual who created the plans. The State of Georgia does not require stamped plans for residential structures, however the addition or subtraction of loads to an existing structure and/or any engineered design will require a design professional.
  • Site Plan (Required for any exterior work with land disturbance) The site plan is an overhead two- dimensional view of the property showing all existing structures as well as proposed work. The plan should include the distances of proposed work to lot-lines. When the proposed work is within 10’ of the property line, or in close proximity to set-back lines designated by a variance, a professional survey may be required before beginning construction.

Residential – Homeowner Permit – Documents required


  • Copy of GC’s state license
  • Copy of GC’s business license
  • Photocopy of GC’s driver’s license
  • Copy of completed, notarized Authorized Permit Agent Form (If applicant is not GC)
  • Construction plans – Plans meeting any of the criteria below will require sealed plans from a registered, licensed architect:
  1. Project is greater than 5000 sq. ft. in area or located in a building greater than 5000 sq. ft.
  2. Project is more than one story in height
  3. Any Group A, E, or I occupancies
  • Site Plan – Commercial projects involving land disturbance will require a site plan prepared by a registered, licensed design professional

Can I apply for the permit before I have a general contractor for the job?

No. The GC’s license information is required for the application

 Can I apply for the permit for the general contractor?

Yes. A notarized Authorized Permit Agent Form completed and signed by the contractor, accompanied by photocopies of both the contractor’s and the applicant’s driver’s license, will be accepted.

click here For a copy of an Authorized Permit Agent Form.

Can the city do inspections with video?

The City of Marietta can perform ‘stand-alone’ MEP inspections such as water heaters and HVAC changeouts in occupied homes by way of the Cisco Webex cell phone application.  It will be the responsibility of the contractor to ensure installers have this capability. When the inspection is needed, contractor will call main number, 770-794-5659, OPTION 8  to request inspection. Contractor should be ready to provide name, phone number, address, and permit number. An assigned inspector will then video-call the on-site installer to perform inspection.

Note this is a ‘same day’ inspection – scheduled orally by the permittee or the permittee’s agent (installer) and subject to all City of Marietta rules and regulations.

Please CLICK HERE! for more information regarding our Virtual and Video inspections.

The City of Marietta follows the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code with Georgia Amendments.  To obtain a list of applicable codes and permitting procedures, 


Land disturbance permits


$50 per acre


$50 per acre

Site Plan Review

  • Less than 5 acres = $200
  • 5 to 15 acres = $400
  • Over 15 acres = $50 per acre

CLICK HERE to apply for Land Disturbance Permit


 MEP (Licensed Trade) CONTRACTORS!
*Please visit the respective permit page for more information on permitting  and inspections.
 Click the link button to submit your information. 

Note: All MEP permits have $50 minimum fee

Note: Food and Fuel Retail Sales are Regulated by the Department of Agriculture.  Please contact them at    404-586-1411 or online at .  Verification of registration will be needed with your permit application.

Health Department approval is required for the following specified types of business/ trades:

  • All restaurants 
  • Food catering businesses  
  • Any commercial food serving facilities 
  • Commercial swimming pools 
  • Residential swimming pools on properties utilizing septic systems 
  • Hotels/motels 
  •  Body art studios

The Health Department must grant approval before a building permit will be issued, and they can be reached at 770-435-7815.

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Center for Environmental Health
1738 County Services Pkwy, 2nd Floor  
Marietta, GA 30008