Sign Permits or Violations

All signs must be permitted by the Planning and Zoning Division. It is the responsibility of Planning and Zoning to regulate the number of signs, location, size and construction.

Guidelines & Regulations

  1. No signs allowed on right-of-way (ROW) or on utility poles
  2. Non-permitted or illegal signs are violations in the city
  3. Political, real estate and yard sale signs are allowed only on private property with owners permission
  4. A roof-mounted sign is to be considered nonconforming and shall be regulated as such.
    • Roof-mounted signs shall have a minimum clearance of four feet between any wall, parapet or vertical surface and the bottom edge of the sign.
    • The Marietta Fire Inspection Division is the only agency authorized to grant a variance to this clearance minimum.

Sign Permit Application Tip

Before going through the expense of applying for a sign permit, please check sign permit regulations as most signs are regulated by city ordinances.