Code Enforcement

Compliance Through Community Cooperation

The Code Enforcement Division's purpose is to preserve and enforce the general welfare, safety, and sanitary standards for its citizens, neighborhoods, and guests. Marietta is known locally and nationally for its ambiance, quality of life and cleanliness.

To maintain what is loved and cherished by Mariettans and visitors, the Code Enforcement Division enforces (as each applies to the International Code Council standards) the:
  • Building code
  • City's zoning regulations
  • Historic district
  • Signs
  • Standard housing code

Jurisdictional vs. Non-Jurisdictional Areas

A few quick facts to help clarify whether a location is jurisdictional or non-jurisdictional:
  • Having a Marietta mailing address doesn't necessarily place you within the city limits of Marietta.
  • To make a complaint to the city of Marietta's Code Enforcement Division, it is necessary to determine if the alleged violation is within the city's jurisdiction or not.
  • The city's Property Search Tool can help to determine if a property is inside the city.
  • The Code Enforcement Division is only able to investigate complaints that are inside the city limits of Marietta.
  • To report complaints that are outside of Marietta's jurisdiction, you must contact that particular jurisdictional government agency where the alleged violation occurred.