Qualifications & Pay Rates


  • Must be at least 19.75 years of age at time of written exam.
  • Must be fluent in the English language (including reading, writing and speaking).
  • High School graduate or GED for entry rate #1.
  • Valid driver's license and satisfactory 7-year driving history.
  • Free of any felony or domestic violence convictions or sufficient misdemeanor convictions to evidence a pattern.
  • Ability to meet physical and mental demands of the position.
  • Successful completion of written exam, background check including criminal & credit history and oral exams.
  • Must be able to show proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • (18) month working test period required.
  • Basic computer skills
CRU cars in July 4th Parade


  • AA/AS degree or higher from an accredited postsecondary institution
  • Prior law enforcement experience with a local, state or federal agency
  • Prior military experience
  • Bi-lingual – speak, read, write fluently (Spanish preference)
  • Law Enforcement Explorers from any post and Law Enforcement Interns


  • Shift Differential/Hazardous Duty Pay
    • Evening Watch - $0.50/ hour
    • Morning Watch - $1.00/ hour
  • On-Call Pay (1.14 hours per day while on-call status for court)
  • SWAT Officer Pay ($1.00/ hour)
  • Field Training Officer Pay ($0.75/ hour while training a recruit)
  • Senior Police Officer Pay (5% pay raise)
    • 5% pay increase based on a combination of years of Marietta Police experience, Georgia POST certifications and attainment of formal education.
  • Police Exception Pay – If employee is scheduled only 32 hours for the week, the city will pay for the other 8 hours so the employee has 40 full hours for the week. This is due to the 4 and 2 rotation schedule (4 days of work, 2 days off). A patrol officer assigned to uniform patrol will receive approximately 18 PE days a year (that’s 18 paid days off a year!). Most Uniform Patrol officers on the 4 and 2 schedule work 242 days per year but are paid for 260. This is because we are paid weekly. Many other agencies work all 260 days per year and are paid every 2 weeks
  • Paid time off
    • Holidays - 10 paid holidays per year
    • Vacation – Employees accrue 10 paid vacation days a year (increases every 5 years of employment)
    • Sick Leave – Employees accrue 10 days of sick leave per year
    • Comp Time – Time off with pay in lieu of overtime pay for irregular or occasional overtime work


  • Officers are paid weekly.
  • The City of Marietta does not participate in Social Security; employees keep an extra 6.2% of their salary.
  • Employees pay 4% into the pension plan; City of Marietta pays 14.5% into employee pension.
  • The City of Marietta pays 6.13% of the salary of full-time employees into the supplemental pension.

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