The physical fitness test is required for all pre-employment public safety positions for the City of Marietta. The fitness test will measure the applicant's physical ability to perform the essential functions of a Police Officer with or without reasonable accommodation. Each candidate must complete the following physical fitness test within the time constraints in order to proceed further in the hiring process. In the event of a failure, you may retest after 30 days.


Candidates are strongly recommended to make the following preparations prior to the fitness assessment:

  • Fast for one hour prior to assessment. It is recommended that no food or only light food items are consumed and that no caffeinated beverages or beverages with a high acidic content are consumed within one hour prior to fitness test.
  • Wear workout clothing.
  • Wear athletic shoes for running activities.
  • Refrain from using tobacco products three to four hours prior to assessment.

Candidates should consider having a complete physical exam at their own expense prior to the City's fitness test.

Collage of officers exercising


Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) on January 1, 2021, implemented a Physical Ability Test (PAT) that will be required for each candidate enrolled in a basic law enforcement course attending any law enforcement academy in the state. POST worked hand-in-hand with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), and other agencies, to develop this test. 

The PAT has been validated and approved by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and is now the POST approved PAT for all basic law enforcement candidates. The test is basically a timed obstacle course. The course is just a few feet larger than half of a basketball court and must be completed in two minutes, six seconds or less.  The course includes some running with and without obstacles.  Some obstacles must be successfully navigated, others can be by-passed but will come with a time penalty if not completed. 

A link to their video with more explanation: MPD PAT Test Explained