Our employees are committed to putting our core values into practice, both on the job and in their lives. In exchange for their dedication, we provide generous incentives to attract and retain exceptionally qualified men and women. The outcome equates to satisfied employees and an exemplary department which provides consistent quality service.

Police Officers standing around for roll callI chose to work for the city of Marietta Police Department for various reasons. First and foremost, the entire hiring process was smooth, and I was treated like family. From the excellent command staff to my fellow officers on the road, everyone is willing to help you at any time with any questions you may have and support you in every way possible. The Marietta Police Department is a diverse police department with people from all different walks of life forming an environment full of knowledge and different experiences. Something that stood out to me as well was the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program and the overall fitness of the officers.

One of the main key points as to why I chose Marietta is the training, the Marietta Police Department has in my honest opinion the best training in Cobb County. The instructors are very passionate about passing down the knowledge they’ve gained over the years in this line of work and will guide you to be the very best you can be. The training is a hands-on experience that encompasses real-world scenarios that help prepare you for some of the things we encounter on the road. Last but not least Marietta has a great benefits program and a great pension plan for its officers.

Officer L.L. hired in 2021