Our employees are committed to putting our core values into practice, both on the job and in their lives. In exchange for their dedication, we provide generous incentives to attract and retain exceptionally qualified men and women. The outcome equates to satisfied employees and an exemplary department which provides consistent quality service.

"The reason why I chose the Marietta Police Department is because, compared to other departments in the area, Marietta was the only department that made me feel the family atmosphere throughout the department. The officers, supervisors, and front desk personnel were extremely friendly. Once hired, I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was willing to and wanted to help maximize my potential as a new police officer. The training here is one of the many things that I love about Marietta P.D. Our training is always well planned, thorough, organized, and practical to the job. The instructors always prepare us for just about every situation that we may encounter on the streets as a police officer. The entire team at Marietta P.D. has not only shaped me as a police officer, but as a man as well. I hit probably the biggest rough patch in my life just weeks after being hired and several officers talked me through everything as if they had known me my entire life. I am extremely thankful for being a part of such a wonderful department."

— J.B. hire date 2012

Marietta Police Department Badge

"I chose to work for the city of Marietta after several years working as a police officer for a large police department in the Metro Atlanta area. I decided to leave that police department and come to the Marietta Police Department for the excellent benefits, retirement, and pay packages the City of Marietta is able to offer. I am very glad that I made the decision to make the move to Marietta PD."

— J.D. hire date 2014

Marietta Police Department Badge

"The reason I chose Marietta Police Department as my career department was because it felt like a family type atmosphere. The department staff and officers made me feel like I was a part of the family prior to being hired, and that helped me to know I was with a GREAT police agency. The training we receive is among the best, we are given hours of training to better prepare ourselves for real world situations by very knowledgeable instructors who genuinely care for the safety of us and the citizens of Marietta. I feel like I can better serve my community because of the training received and will make better informed decisions on the streets for this reason. I was also given the opportunity to experience a different world with Marietta and did transport for the officers. It opened my eyes to the daily tasks and what it was like to be on the road helping officers to better serve the community. I was very pleased because it gave me a greater respect for what I was embarking upon and how hard our police officers work to serve the community in a positive light. It was a one of the best learning tools I received because I was able to learn the radio and the territory prior to beginning my training process. Marietta P.D. made me realize the potential I have as a police officer to make informed decisions and has given me tools to be successful in a great profession."

— N. F. hire date 2013

Marietta Police Department Badge

"I chose to work at the Marietta Police department for a few reasons. One reason was because Marietta was the first place I lived when I came to Georgia. I enjoyed the city and felt like I would enjoy helping out the community by serving it. Since I have been employed with the department, I have noticed that the department treats you very well compared to other surrounding departments. The staff has been professional and willing to help me with any issues if they arise. The training probably sticks out the most to me. What I’ve seen so far in training has been great. I like how the department incorporates shooting and defensive tactics with techniques that are used out on the road. I feel that’s important because there might be a time when I need to revert back to that training and have it actually work for me. I am looking forward to the future of this department and the city of Marietta."

— R. E. hire date 2013