Distributed Generation

This program applies to customers who want to sell electrical energy produced by solar, wind, or fuel cell technology to Marietta Power.

Safety, Power Quality & Interconnections Requirements

The customer is responsible for ensuring a safe and reliable interconnection with Marietta Power and all costs incurred. The following three documents must be completed in their entirety and approved before interconnection.
  • Application for interconnection of distributed generation facility
  • Interconnection agreement
  • Electrical power exchange agreement


The distributed generation facility must:
  • Be owned and operated by a customer of Marietta Power for production of electric energy
  • Be located on the customer's property
  • Be connected to and operate in parallel with Marietta Power's distribution facilities
  • Be intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer's generator's requirement for electricity
  • Have peak generating capacity of not more than 10 kW for residential applications and not more than 100 kW for commercial applications
  • Use solar photovoltaic system, fuel cell or wind generation.
  • Have an external disconnect switch that is accessible and lockable by Marietta Power crews
  • Be compliant with IEEE 1547 standards


Marietta Power will pay $.032 per kWh for excess energy generated by the customer.

Policies / Forms / Agreements