Plans & Platting

Site development plans are coordinated through the City's Public Works Department.

Platting Procedures

All plats and detailed plans may be submitted to the City using the online submittal application. There is a $25 fee for plat reviews.

Detailed Plan

A detailed plan is required for all planned developments (PRD-SF, PRD-MF, MXD, PCD, PID), and shall be reviewed and approved by the mayor and Council prior to the approval of any site improvements.

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Exemption Plats

No lot or parcel in the city of Marietta shall be combined, subdivided or have a boundary line revision without obtaining prior approval from the city.

In those instances in which staff determines that the proposal does not require the dedication of additional street right-of-way or street improvements, or utility installations other than house connections, the applicant shall be required to submit an exemption plat.

Properties cannot be divided or combined to create a split-zoned lot. Rezoning of property would be necessary to assure that all parcels of property are assigned only one zoning designation. To combine, subdivide, or have a boundary line revision of a lot or parcel where dedication of additional public infrastructure is not required.

Exemption Plat Checklist (PDF)

Schedule of Events

  1. The exemption plat application fee is $100.
  2. Plats can be submitted through the online plan submittal feature.
  3. The Planning and Zoning Division will work with the contact listed on the plat until all department comments have been addressed.
  4. After approval, the applicant will need to drop off a signed original for review and signature by Directors.
  5. The Planning and Zoning Division will notify the contact that the plat has been signed and can be picked up for recording at the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk's office.
  6. Applicant must email a georeferenced file (DWG, DGN, or DXF formats) to Shelby Little.
  7. The contact shall notify the Planning and Zoning Division of the Plat Book number, Page number, and recording date.