The purpose of the historic district and the Board of Review, by issuing certificates of approval, is to ensure "that the worthy historical and architectural buildings, sites, monuments, streetscapes, structures, squares and residential neighborhoods are protected and granted proper investigation before any renovation, restoration, preservation, rehabilitation or demolition takes place." This includes basic maintenance of such a nature as new signage, new awnings or repainting in the historic district. It applies only to exteriors, not interiors.


The Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA) continuously seeks ways to encourage further economic development in historic downtown Marietta Square and surrounding district properties. The DMDA is currently offering a 50/50 matching grant (up to $2,000) for business owners located within the DMDA District who would like to enhance the appearance of their storefront by improving their signage and/or awnings. For more information, email Rachel Langelotti or call her at 770-794-5716.

Application Procedures & Requests

Requests for applications and placement on the agenda for the Historic Board of Review should be made by calling 770-794-5669.

Application Requirements

Signs or Painting

  • A scaled drawing of the building facade showing the location of the sign, awning, canopy or painted area. Distance from the bottom of the sign to the ground should be identified. (Side view drawing required for projecting signs.) Only one sign is allowed per building frontage.
  • A drawing indicating the specific style and dimensions of the sign and lettering
  • A color sample for each color to be used in the sign or painting. Color must be conservative and consistent with other colors in the downtown Marietta historic district. Approved color charts are available from the Mayor's office.
  • Paint chips or samples should be presented to the board at the meeting
  • Indication of the material to be used, i.e. canvas, wood, composite material, etc. A sample or swatch of the material should be presented to the board at the meeting
  • Description of the method of attachment to the structure
  • Not recommended for signs: neon, tin, bright colors

Store Front Repair/Alteration/Renovation/Miscellaneous

  • Scaled architectural drawings of each proposed facade
  • List of materials to be used; samples of materials should be presented to the board at the meeting
  • Window type samples
  • Paint color with locations noted

New Construction

  • Scaled architectural drawings of each proposed building elevation
  • Site plan
  • List of materials to be used
  • Window type samples
  • A sample of the materials to be used should be presented to the board at the meeting.


Applicants are asked to turn in their completed applications to the Planning and Zoning office to give staff time before the meeting to make sure that all necessary information is included in the application.