Letter from the Mayor

Hearing the name of Marietta brings a sense of pride and joy to my heart. Our predecessors over the past 175 years have given us a strong foundation and an outstanding city. Marietta is special, and it does have a heart and soul. We have icons including:
  • Kennestone hospital
  • 3 local universities
  • An inviting Square
  • Marietta Power and Water
  • The Marietta school system
  • Vibrant downtown churches, most of which are 150 years old
  • Historical homes, neighborhoods and buildings
I think this speaks well for our strong sense of community.

My parents, Steve and Virginia Tumlin, were Mariettans by choice. They taught me to love Marietta by their example of service to our great city. My father came to Marietta with his father and brothers and started a building supply place in the early 1930s. They furnished building supplies when they were building the Strand.

I was born in the doctor's hospital on Cherokee Street, which was the predecessor to Kennestone. I've witnessed a lot of changes in Marietta. Despite all these changes, Marietta keeps moving forward. We change. We reinvent ourselves. We keep looking forward and marching forward.

My wife, Jean Alice, and I have enjoyed being the benefactors of being citizens in this great city. It has afforded us many great opportunities and many great friends. Marietta's been a great place to live, work, worship, play and raise a family.

I'm delighted to look to the future because part of why I want to serve this city is for my three children and three grandchildren. I hope we can provide the citizens of Marietta a governmental creed that will incorporate fairness, efficiency, equity, openness, justice, access and balance for every one of Marietta's 67,000 residents, no matter if they live in a trailer park, apartment or a residential home. Each and every citizen is important, and we vow to take care of each and every one.

Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin