Marietta's Vision

Marietta's Vision Statement was adopted by City Council after public input and serves as a guide for the future of the city.
  • Marietta is a livable city in a great metropolitan area. We are dedicated to being a clean city, with trees, green spaces and parks.
  • We are a dynamic business center that has retail, offices, and environmentally friendly industry in appropriate places. We honor our past, preserve our history, and welcome the future, by embracing technology.
  • We are a city that cherishes culture and arts, and we are a tourist destination and a sports and entertainment center for the region.
  • We are a city of mixed-uses (live, learn, work, play) and diverse urban design that will become known as "the Marietta Look." We have a well-defined, vibrant downtown, and neighborhoods that mix residences, parks and greenspaces, and businesses.
  • We offer housing for people of all ages, incomes, and ethnic backgrounds, so that generations of families can live within our city. We recognize the importance of homeownership and our vision is that a majority of our residences will be owner-occupied.
  • We are a hub of activity, where traffic, transit, and pedestrians move about easily and safely. In designing our transportation system, we place a high premium on the quality of life of our citizens.
  • We are a place where citizens are positively involved in decision-making, through boards, community organizations, and community meetings. We will actively seek partnerships with other governments, businesses, philanthropic institutions, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in building a high quality of life.
  • We are a city committed to ethical behavior.
  • We are a city that provides a healthy and safe environment for our citizens and businesses.