Franklin/Delk Road LCI Plan

Franklin/Delk Road Livable Centers Initiative Plan (Completed)

The Delk Road Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study is a joint plan between the City of Marietta and Cobb County. In 2005, the plan was initially adopted by the City and Cobb County. The plan was funded as part of the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) LCI program and was awarded federal funds to conduct the study.

Initial Focus

Initially, the study focused on the concept of a bus rapid transit station location along Franklin Road. The concept was supported then by the proposed light rail transit plans for the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) study along Interstate 75. When the transit study was no longer supported, the plans of the LCI study were altered.

Update & Name Change

In 2009, the City and Cobb County approved an update of the original study and changed the name of the plan from the Delk Road Transit Oriented Development Study to the Franklin Road / Delk Road LCI study. The primary focus of the study still centers on the redevelopment of the land uses along the Franklin Road corridor.


In 2011, both jurisdictions approved an amendment to the study update to expand the area boundary southward to include portions of Powers Ferry Road as well as include the Green Tech Corridor and the Opportunity Zone designation.

Franklin/Delk Road LCI Documents