M-STAR Zones

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M-STAR Zone 1

Zone 1 is located in the southeast part of the city and encompasses Cobb Parkway South from South Marietta Parkway to the south city limits. It also encompasses Powers Ferry Road outside the Loop and Franklin Road outside the Loop. Barclay Circle is within Zone 1. Portions of the territory on South Marietta Parkway, west of Cobb Parkway are also in Zone 1. Interstate 75 from South Marietta Parkway and to the south city limits is within Zone 1. The majority of Zone 1 is comprised of businesses, but several apartment complexes are also located in Zone 1, specifically on Franklin Road, Windy Hill Road, Powers Ferry Road and Barclay Circle.

For questions or concerns regarding Zone 1, please contact Zone 1 Major King at 770-794-5355.
M-STAR Zones

M-Star Zone 2

Zone 2 is located in the northeast part of the city and encompasses everything east of Cobb Parkway and north of South Marietta Parkway. I-75 from the South Marietta Parkway to the north city limits is in zone 2. Nothing west of Cobb Parkway is in Zone 2. Zone 2 is a mix of business, industrial and residential establishments. The residences are represented by single-family dwellings and apartment complexes.

For questions or concerns regarding Zone 2, please contact Zone 2 Major Rutland at 770-794-5355.

M-Star Zone 3

Zone 3 is at the heart of the city and the only Zone that is contiguous with all of the other zones. Zone 3 encompasses all of the territory between Cobb Parkway on the east side and North Marietta Pkwy on the west side. The north end of Zone 3 comes together at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Church Street Extension. The south end of Zone 3 comes together between Atlanta Road and Cobb Parkway.


The majority of Zone 3 is comprised of long-established single-family residential neighborhoods. Many of the houses located in Zone 3 were built in the 1940s when the Bell Bomber Plant was opened during World War II. Many of these homes are now rental properties.

Zone 3 also includes the central business district area, which is widely known as the Marietta Square. The Square has been a focal point of Marietta commerce since the city was founded in 1834. The area is widely known for its many stores and restaurants. In addition, the Square has become known as a theater and arts center with the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art and several theater companies located around the Square. The Marietta Welcome Center and Visitors Bureau is located just off the square, along with the Marietta Museum of History and Gone With the Wind museum.

There are many small businesses located in Zone 3. Most of these are located in the Roswell and Fairground streets area. Zone 3 also has several schools located inside its boundaries: Park Street Elementary School, Pine Forest Elementary School, Allgood Elementary School and the Woods-Wilkens Alternative School.

Local government buildings are also located in Zone 3 including City Hall, the Marietta Police Department, the Marietta Fire Department, Marietta Municipal Court, Cobb County Police Department, state Court of Cobb County and the Superior Court of Cobb County.

Main Challenges

Officers assigned to Zone 3 are faced with a fast-paced work environment. The main problems facing the officers assigned to Zone 3 are street-level drug dealing in certain areas, graffiti, homeless and code enforcement issues. Zone 3 has a diverse population, and the officers assigned to this zone face many unique challenges.

For questions regarding Zone 3, please contact Zone 3 Major Kish at 770-794-5340.

M-Star Zone 4

Zone 4 is located in the northwest part of the city, and encompasses all of the territory west of Church Street, north of Whitlock Avenue and south of Cobb Parkway. Zone 4 primarily includes long-standing single-family residences as well as a regional health-care facility, some businesses, and elementary and middle schools.

For questions or concerns regarding Zone 4, please contact Zone 4 Major Marshall at 770-794-5337.