• Commander of MPD SWAT Lt. Jake King
  • Ford Marietta PD 1966 Ford Custom Squad Car Number 66
  • GLOCK VP Chad Mathis, left, R. Lee Ermey, center, Marietta PD Chief Dan Flynn, right (3)
  • K9 Bono
  • Marietta PD Snipers - Officer Brian Wallace
  • Marietta PD snipers during an integrated dynamic entry SWAT training Scenario
  • Marietta PD Snipers Officer Adam Bradley
  • Officer Adam Bradley with the Glock 42
  • Officer Jordan Mileshko with the Glock 22
  • Officer Mark Bishop and K9 Bono during training
  • Officer Mark Bishop and K9 Bono
  • On the range with MPD performing drills with their new GLOCK G42 .380 pistols
  • SPO Amy Valente with the Glock 22 and M3 light
  • The Marietta PD SWAT with The Gunny R. Lee Ermey (center)

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