Will I have to move out of my home? Where will I live while work is being done?
Depending on the age of the home, the family may have to vacate the premises for hazardous conditions (lead and asbestos) to be abated; and if the degree of work to be done makes the home unlivable for a period of time, the family will have to vacate.

The CDBG Program provides the family 2 options for temporary housing: relocate to a private residence and receive a daily stipend; or relocate to an extended-stay facility at a daily rate subsidized by the City.

Does CDBG require a lead safe clearance test for homeowner rehab programs under $5,000? Our understanding is that clearance is not required if the disturbance of the paint surface is de minimis. Clearance is not required when painted surface areas are below HUD's de minimis threshold (only). When clearance is required, HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule (LSHR) requires a clearance examination be done by an independent party instead of the certified renovator's cleaning verification procedure.

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6. Will I have to move out of my home? Where will I live while work is being done?
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