Can you increase my water pressure?
In most cases the answer is no. Marietta Water's distribution system is divided into three separate pressure zones because of changes in elevations. The pressure that is supplied to us by our suppliers pressurizes the majority of our distribution system. The other two pressure zones are known as Redwood high-service area and Sugar Hill high-service area. That does not mean that the pressure is higher or greater in these areas. It means that these areas are too high in elevation to be supplied by the pressure that comes from our suppliers, and it has to be boosted through the use of elevated water tanks.

We take water from lower elevations within the distribution system and pump it to an elevated water storage tank at a higher elevation within one of these high-service areas. From there, gravity takes over and increases the pressure in the distribution system. In order to increase your water pressure, the water storage tanks would have to be raised to a higher elevation. Areas not within the high-service areas should not have a pressure problem. If you are experiencing a pressure problem, Marietta Water can check the pressure at the water meter located at or near the property line in most cases. A private plumber will need to be contacted by the property owner to address any problems beyond the meter on the customer's system.

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