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Posted on: January 10, 2024

Cold Weather and your Fire Sprinkler System

Frozen sprinkler

Ensuring that you systems are in proper working order is always a priority. Now, as cold temperatures approach, it's paramount that systems are prepped for the cold months ahead.

Freezing temperatures can mean disaster for your fire sprinkler systems! Take the time now to prep your system to avoid damage and downtime.

 We recommend doing the following:

  • On dry systems, drain all auxiliary drains and low points in the system
  • Keep vacant spaces heated to at least 40°F 
  • Verify that heaters are good condition and working properly
  • In case of an emergency, know the locations of your main control valve and drain valves

For fire sprinkler systems installed in privately owned residences:

  • Have your fire sprinkler system inspected/serviced annually
  • Be sure there is no sprinkler pipe visible through insulation in the attic, and if so, re-insulate over the sprinkler pipe with at least R-30 rolled batt insulation
  • Keep the sprinkler system at 40°F minimum
  • In case of an emergency with sprinklers or domestic water, know the location of your main shut-off valve

Broken pipes are not generally a fire emergency; however, if the fire department does respond to a 911 call or automatic fire alarm, we will investigate to ensure there is no fire emergency.  If a commercial building is protected with a fire sprinkler system or fire alarm system, it is the property owners responsibility to make sure the keys in the Knox Box are maintained. 

If you experience any damage to your sprinkler system, Marietta Code does require it to be restored it as soon as possible and the repair documents to be submitted to the Fire Department.  Only a licensed fire sprinkler contractor can work on fire sprinkler systems.  A partial list of fire sprinkler contractors can be found here.  If repair work is required, the contractor will need to secure a permit for the work, which protects the property owner by requiring documents and an inspection.

Marietta Fire Department will not restore water service once turned off.  You would need to contact Marietta Water (or in some cases Cobb Water), a plumber if the burst is on the customer side of a meter, or a licensed fire sprinkler contractor to make repairs to fire sprinklers.

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