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Posted on: August 15, 2018

Real life Bonnie and Clyde meet 2018 Law Enforcement

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde meet Cobb area law enforcement


bonnie and Clyde were a romanticized couple who began a crime spree of armed robberies in Savannah, Ga in 1932. Over approximately two years they travelled the country committing a long trail of armed robberies beginning with convenience stores and gas stations then graduating to banks and shoot-outs with law enforcement.  They were ultimately shot and killed by law enforcement in spectacular fashion on May 23, 1934 after committing 13 murders including murders of a law enforcement officers.


In the Summer of 2018, Lashumbia Session and Mykia Wilson began a prolific crime spree of armed robberies in the area of greater Cobb County, GA.  Their spree, however, ended in Adel, Ga. with a much different outcome than Bonnie and Clyde; the difference being no one was injured in the Session and Wilson crime spree nor when they were taken into custody without incident. The much different - much better outcome of the Session/Wilson spree was due to the fact that they ran head-long into a group of modern, professional, high performing law enforcement officers in multiple jurisdictions centered around Marietta and Cobb County Georgia. Together these agencies provided a snapshot example of the finest of modern American law enforcement coordination.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 4:24 a.m., two suspects, one male – one female robbed a convenience store at gunpoint in Marietta, Ga.  Initial responding officers of the Marietta Police Department (MPD) rapidly broadcasted a detailed bulletin/ B.O.L.O. on the police radio network and notified the on-call detective, Mike Selleck, of the Marietta Police Department (MPD).  Almost immediately, Sergeant Colin Berry (MPD) heard the broadcast and recalled that the neighboring Cobb County Police Department (CCPD) had issued a similar description for male and female robbery suspects a few days earlier. He immediately related his observations to Detective Selleck.

Selleck in turn called his counterpart in the CCPD; Detective Bratley. He promptly confirmed that CCPD was investigating two similar armed robberies in their jurisdiction and the two detectives compared video footage of the suspects in all three robberies. They found the male and female suspects were very similar in appearance in all three cases.  Detective Bratley further advised that CCPD officer Foley had asked the local community for help identifying the suspects and they had received a tentative identification on them.  Further, Detective Brantley advised that he had been in contact with the neighboring Smyrna, Ga. Police Department (SPD) Detective Lanzing and he advised they too were investigating two recent robberies involving male and female suspects.

Having shared investigative information with each other, detectives from MPD, CCPD and SPD formed a collaborative multi-agency investigative task force and together they began tracing the known addresses and interviewing associates of the suspects; Session and Wilson. In the course of the ensuing investigation the detectives obtained and executed a search warrant on one former residence of the two, obtained arrest warrants and determined the two were still on the move, probably in route to Florida. Thus, they broadcasted the B.O.L.O. statewide in Georgia and it was received by Georgia State Patrol (GSP) Trooper First Class Reid who was assigned to the South Georgia Region. TFC Reid in turn notified Lieutenant Chris Griffin of the Adel Police Department (APD) (Adel is a South Georgia municipality approximately 220 miles away from the Marietta/Cobb area.) Together they set out searching the Adel area for Session and Wilson.

During their search, TFC Reid and Lt. Griffin found Session and Wilson and apprehended them in a shopping center parking lot in Adel.  At the time of their apprehension, the two had in their possession a pharmaceutical drugs and drug paraphernalia they had stolen in an armed robbery of a pharmacy in the city of Austell, Georgia, back in Cobb County.  As a side note; at the time of the apprehension in Adel, the funeral procession of a former chief of police, replete with numerous law enforcement officers was travelling by, heard the activity on a police radio and flooded into the parking lot.  It had to be a sight to behold for Sessions and Wilson.

Comparing and Contrasting the story of Bonnie and Clyde with the story Sessions and Wilson provides a vast insight into the advancements of Georgia law enforcement.  Perhaps more importantly though is the insight that beyond all the negative rhetoric about the police, there are still professional, dedicated, talented officers and detectives working together using modern methods to protect the public they serve.  Although they were on the same increasingly violent path as Bonnie and Clyde, Session and Wilson were stopped in their tracks before they hurt anyone and even though they were violent fugitives, they were safely apprehended without being injured themselves.  What a fitting testament to the cooperation, collaboration and communication among present day Georgia law enforcement.

Ballad Of Bonnie and Clyde
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