Chief Officers

Fire Chief 

Tim Milligan joined the Marietta Fire Department in 1997. He spent much of his early years in special operations, an area of expertise that includes rope rescue, water rescue, and confined space. He successfully completed the technician-level certifications in all of those areas as well as in hazardous materials. Throughout Tim's career, he has added certifications in fire investigations, fire instruction, as well as a CrossFit Level I Instructor.

Tim has served in all divisions of the Marietta Fire Department. He earned two promotions in the Suppression Division, first to Firefighter Engineer and then to Lieutenant. After a time as a company officer in the field, Tim made a lateral transfer to a position in the Training Division where he served first as a fire department instructor and then as the Homeland Security Officer. In that role, Tim maintained the Crisis Management Center and managed the city's emergency management plans. On his next appointment, Tim became a Station Commander in the Suppression Division. In 2014, Chief Gibbs transitioned him into the role of Deputy Fire Marshal and Tim returned to the Prevention Division. He later was promoted to the title of Fire Marshal as an Assistant Chief. In 2018, Tim became Marietta Fire's new Fire Chief.

Throughout his career, Tim has taken advantage of a number of opportunities that allowed him to increase his level of contributions to the fire service. He is an alumnus of both Honorary Commanders and Cobb Leadership and serves as the Co-Chair for Cobb Leadership's Class of 2017. He sits on both the City Pension Board and the Executive Committee of Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees; in 2012, Governor Deal appointed Tim to the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Firefighter Pension Fund where he currently serves as Chairman. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Tim has volunteered with a number of community organizations including the Center for Family Resources and SafePath Children's Advocacy Group.

Tim's educational accomplishments include an associate's degree in Fire Science from Pikes Peak University, a bachelor's degree in Business from Regis University, and a Masters of Business Administration, also from Regis University. 

               Chief Tim Milligan


Deputy Fire Chief

Danny Rackley began his career with the Marietta Fire Department in 1982. He spent the first five years of his career as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician before being promoted to Firefighter Engineer. His service as a fire officer began in 1989 as he served as Acting Captain in Suppression until his formal promotion later that year. With that promotion, Rackley's realm of responsibilities expanded to include code enforcement, investigations, and public education. In 1993, his promotion to Fire Commander widened his scope to include work in Marietta Fire's Training Division. There, he supervised fire, recruit and fitness training, and developed and administered promotional exams.

In 1997, Commander Rackley returned to the Prevention Division as Assistant Fire Marshal. He served three years in that role, supervising code enforcement, public education, and investigations, and managing that division's resources and activities. With his vast experience in fire prevention, Rackley was appointed Fire Marshal and was promoted to Assistant Chief. He held this position until 2001 when he was promoted to Deputy Chief.

Deputy Chief Rackley holds several certifications including EMT since 1983, Georgia Smoke Diver (1986), and a sworn police officer (1991). He is a fire service instructor, hazardous materials technician-operations level, and fitness coordinator, ARA Human Factors, 1995. Deputy Chief Rackley has also received several notable awards including a proclamation of valor from the Governor of Georgia as well as a valor award from the Georgia State Firefighters Association.

In 1996, Rackley received an associate's degree of applied science in fire science technology. Three years later he attended Shorter College and obtained a bachelor's degree in management.

       Deputy Chief Danny Rackley

RACKLEY, Danny 02

Fire Suppression - Assistant Chief

Christi Cronin joined the Marietta Fire Department in 1999 and has spent the majority of her career in Fire Suppression. She is a Paramedic, HazMat Technician, and Fire Inspector. Her first promotion was Firefighter Engineer in 2004, Lieutenant in 2013, and Commander in 2015. 

From 2015 until 2017 she was assigned to the Fire Prevention Division as the Deputy Fire Marshal. During that time she played a role in developing the “Be MFD Safe” program that has become very important to the Marietta community in the area of Fire Prevention. 

Her educational accomplishments include a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Kentucky University and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is also an alumnus of Leadership Cobb.

Promoted to Assistant Chief in March of 2019. Her current assignment is Assistant Chief of A-Shift.

      Assistant Chief Christi Cronin

CRONIN, Christi 09

Fire Suppression - Assistant Chief

Joe Pacheco has been with Marietta Fire Department since 1999. Joe focused his training in the early stages of his career toward technical training, which had him assigned to the department’s heavy rescue. During this time he completed Paramedic training and obtained NPQ certifications as an instructor and evaluator. Joe was promoted to Firefighter Engineer in January 2006 and again to Lieutenant in August of 2008.  

 As a Lieutenant, he was assigned to the Training Division for almost 3 years and when he returned to suppression in 2015 he was promoted to the position of Station Commander. He has served as the Commander at station 56, 52, and 54 which houses the Air Lab.  

Joe was awarded Firefighter of the Year in 2006, and for his efforts following Katrina awarded Marietta’s Distinguished Service Medal. 

       Assistant Chief Joe Pacheco

PACHECO Joseph 04

Fire Suppression - Assistant Chief

Jeff Guest began his career with the Marietta Fire Department in 1999.  He became a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 2002.  In 2005, Jeff was promoted to Firefighter Engineer.  Jeff has always been very involved in fire training, gaining certification as an NPQ Fire Instructor and Evaluator and assisting with many phases of recruit training, including lead instructor duties in 2005 and 2006.   Jeff was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Training Division in 2011 as the department EMS Officer.  He was honored as Fire Officer of the Year in 2014.  He returned to the suppression division and served as a company officer and accountability officer before his promotion to Station Commander in 2017.  Jeff was promoted to Assistant Chief in 2018 and returned to the Training Division as Chief Training Officer.

Jeff is Chairman of Marietta Firefighter’s Scholarship fund which provides tuition assistance to children of Marietta Firefighters.  He has also served on the apparatus committee and been a member of the Marietta Fire Honor Guard.

Jeff retired as a First Sergeant from the Georgia Army National Guard in 2007 after over 20 years of service.  He is a graduate of three levels of military leadership schools and the Army Instructor Course.  He was awarded membership in The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara, a career achievement award for Field Artillery soldiers.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from North Georgia College, the senior military college of Georgia.

        Assistant Chief Jeff Guest

GUEST, Jeff 01

Fire Marshal

Grant Pearson joined the Marietta Fire Department in 1995. To excel within the department and further develop his firefighter skills, Grant successfully achieved his Paramedic certification, was trained extensively on Technical Rescue, and participated as one of the department’s SWAT Medics. Grant’s dedication to the city and its citizens was evident; he was awarded Firefighter Engineer of the Year (2009), Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Merit Award (2009) as well as Public Safety Hero (2016).

In 2012, Grant was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Prevention Division where he helped educate the community about fire prevention and safety in schools and businesses. Grant thrived in the Lieutenant role and was laterally transferred to Inspections to showcase his knowledge of adopted codes and how they are applied to our city’s buildings and businesses. To help communicate overall department goals and objectives, Grant moved back into Suppression in 2016. This is where Grant leveraged his leadership and supervisory skills to help establish work priorities while performing company officer tasks. Grant’s hard work and dedication were recognized and in 2017 was promoted to Commander and assigned as a Deputy Fire Marshal, once again rejoining the Prevention Division.

In 2018, Commander Pearson obtained an Associate’s degree in Fire Science from Albany Technical College and in 2019 was promoted to the position of Fire Marshal for the city.

     Assistant Chief Grant Pearson

PEARSON, Grant 01


eputy Fire Marshal

Patrick Stewart joined the Marietta Fire Department in 2002 after serving 10 years as a volunteer in his hometown of Cashiers, NC.  In 2005, he obtained his Paramedic Certification through Chattahoochee Technical College.  He worked to obtain numerous certifications preparing him to better serve the citizens of Marietta.  His certifications include Fire Instructor, Hazardous Materials Technician, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Fire and Life Safety Educator, Fire Inspector, and Fire Investigator.

The first nine years of his career were spent in Fire Suppression. His first promotion was to Firefighter Engineer in 2007.  In 2011 he was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the Fire Marshal’s Office.  Patrick remained in the Fire Marshal’s Office from 2011 until 2016 where he served multiple roles including stints as the Education Officer and Inspections Officer.  In 2014, Patrick became the lead Fire Investigator for the Marietta Fire Department and he also became a certified police officer after attending North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy.  From March of 2016 until August of 2018, Patrick again served in the Suppression Division.  Early in 2018 he was promoted to Commander and has since returned to the Fire Marshal’s Office where he serves as one of two Deputy Fire Marshal’s for the Marietta Fire Department.

Patrick has had a distinguished career and received multiple awards for his hard work.  In 2008 he was awarded the Firefighter Engineer of the Year.  He received the Hometown Heroes Award from the Rotary Club of Marietta in 2012.  He was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award in 2013 from the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.  Patrick also has multiple Life Saver awards.

In 1996, Patrick received his bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Western Carolina University.  Currently, he is working towards a master’s degree in Public Administration from Columbia Southern University.

          Captain Patrick Stewart

STEWART, Patrick 01

Deputy Fire Marshal

Jason Garner joined the Marietta Fire Department in 1999, after spending 4 years as a Fire Explorer in the Marietta Fire Department’s Fire Explorer Program. Jason came to the department with an EMT-I license and had worked in both public and private 911 EMS systems. In 2004, he obtained his Paramedic Certification through Chattahoochee Technical College. Jason recognized early in his career that his talents included fire safety codes and investigation. His certifications include Georgia EMS Instructor, Police General Instructor, Tactical Paramedic Instructor, Fire Instructor, Fire Inspector, and Fire Investigator.

He was appointed to the Fire Marshal’s Office as a Shift Inspector in 2002 and has left the Fire Marshal’s Office several times over the years to pursue promotions and gain field experience. He was promoted Firefighter Engineer in 2008, Lieutenant in 2013, and early in 2019, he was promoted to Commander. He was a member of the Bicycle EMS Team deployed to special events throughout the City. Jason has spent over 10 years as a member of and eventually supervisor of both the Fire Department Honor Guard and Tactical Paramedic Unit. He currently serves as the Deputy Fire Marshal for Data Management, Engineering, and Inspections.

Jason’s awards include GA EMS Region 3 Stars of Life (multiple awards); MFD Lifesaver (multiple awards); Leadership in Tactical EMS; and the City Manager’s Award.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering from Eastern Kentucky University. 

             Captain Jason Garner

GARNER, Jason 01

Deputy Training Officer

Captain Bobby Moss began his career with the Marietta Fire Department in February 2001. During his years of service, Captain Moss has acquired various certifications that are beneficial to our department. He achieved NREMT Paramedic status in 2004, Technical Rescue/Instructor in 2006, NPQ Fire Instructor 1 in 2008, and is a State of Georgia Structural Fire Control Instructor. He is an American Heart Association certified CPR and ACLS Instructor and the department administrator for recertifications. He is the Marietta Fire Pump Operations Course Coordinator. Captain Moss has also completed some of the toughest physically challenging classes in the fire service. These include Georgia Smoke Diver and Georgia Flames which focus on firefighter survival in which he is now a lead instructor. He has also completed the Smoke Diver classes for the states of Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee. 

Captain Moss was promoted to the position of Firefighter Engineer in 2007. In 2008, he was named the 2007 Firefighter Engineer of the Year. In 2012, Commander Moss was promoted to the position of Lieutenant and was assigned to the Training Division. Commander Moss served as the Training Lieutenant for 4 years and was then reassigned to the Suppression Division. In August of 2018, he was promoted to the position of Captain and reassigned as the Deputy Training Officer. His duties include controlling the budgets for yearly department personnel physicals, uniforms, and is the coordinator of physical fitness equipment for the department.

             Captain Bobby Moss

MOSS Bobby 04

Fire Suppression - Captain

Captain Cliff Bolen began his career as a Firefighter with the Marietta Fire Department in 1999. Three years later, he added Nationally Registered Paramedic to his title. Cliff was one of the first firefighters to work with the Fire Prevention Division as an on-shift Inspector. In that role, he spent much of his time assisting city business owners with Fire and Life Safety Code compliance. His hard work paid off, and in 2005, then Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs promoted him to Firefighter Engineer. In addition to being an apparatus operator, Cliff took on additional responsibilities that included Hazardous Materials Technician and Technical Rescue Technician. In March 2012, Chief Gibbs promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned him to the Training Division as the Homeland Security Officer. In 2015 he was transferred to the Prevention Division where he served as the Public Education Officer and Fire Investigator. He was promoted to Captain in 2018. 

Captain Bolen has numerous certifications including Arson Investigator, Fire Inspector, Hazardous Materials Technician, and Certified Emergency Manager. He is a Fire and Life Safety Educator, an NPQ Fire Instructor, and certified to teach Swift Water Rescue, CPR, and National Incident Management System. He recently completed the basic police officer training and became P.O.S.T. certified. 

Cliff has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Valdosta State University, and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University. 

             Captain Cliff Bolen

BOLEN, Cliff 03

Fire Suppression - Captain

Mike Vickers has been with Marietta Fire Department since 1995. He has been part of the Technical Rescue Team in Marietta since 1998. He is now one of the lead instructors for the department’s technical rescue program. 

Mike has obtained NPQ certifications as an instructor and evaluator. He is a member of the GSAR team and has been deployed to serve after Hurricane Katrina for Search and Rescue and to provide medical aid following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In 2006, Vickers received the Distinguished Service Medal for his efforts following Katrina and was named Fire Officer of the year in 2010.

Captain Vickers was promoted to Lieutenant in 2009. He was assigned to Hazmat Station 56 then, moved to the technical rescue Station 52.  Mike received his promotion to Captain and was assigned to the Training Division in 2012 where he conducted training for new recruits and Fire Suppression personnel throughout the year. In 2016, he was reassigned to Suppression at Hazmat Station 53. Currently, he serves as the captain of Station 55.

            Captain Mike Vickers

VICKERS, Michael

Fire Suppression - Captain

George McKeehan joined the Marietta Fire Department in 2001 and was honored as the recruit of the year.  Early in his career, he became involved in the Departments specialty teams (Bike EMS, SWAT Medic, Wildland Fire, Honor Guard) and specialized in hazardous materials response.   He received his Hazardous Material Management Certificate from the Georgia Tech Research Institute.  He was promoted to Firefighter Engineer in 2005 and Lieutenant in 2007.  

As a Lieutenant, George was able to serve as a company officer at several stations within suppression as well as two positions in Fire Prevention:  Education and Inspections.  In January of 2014, George was promoted to the rank of Station Commander and was assigned to oversee operations at Fire Station 56 on Allgood Rd.  He was assigned to the Training Division in 2017 and acted as the Deputy Training Officer.  Currently, George is the Station Commander at Station 51-Fire Headquarters.

Commander McKeehan has also been fortunate to serve in many local community organizations.  He is a member of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce Leadership Cobb Alumni Association and their Honorary Commanders program.  George volunteers with animal rescue programs and was deployed to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Thailand after the flooding of 2011.  He has served as a director for Blue Skies Ministries and currently is on the Board of Directors for the Midtown Neighbors Association in Atlanta. 

George’s education includes several classes at the National Fire Academy, an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Emergency Services Administration.

        Captain George McKeehan

MCKEEHAN, George 01

Fire Suppression - Captain

Kevin Gerhard joined the Marietta Fire Department in 2006. He quickly obtained his Paramedic certification in 2007. To increase his knowledge, he went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University in 2010. He also completed certifications to become Firefighter II and III. He was awarded the Life Saver Award in 2011. Kevin was promoted in 2013 to Firefighter Engineer, 2015 to Lieutenant, and Commander in 2019. 

Kevin served in the United States Army as an M1A1 tank crewmember. His time spent serving our country no doubt prepared him well for the mental and physical demands of being a firefighter. While serving he received the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Commendation Medal. 

In 2018, Kevin took the position of Homeland Security Officer and worked with all city departments in disaster preparedness. He also earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbia Southern University in 2018.

Kevin currently serves as the Commander at station 52. He also serves on the department’s risk management board.

           Captain Kevin Gerhard


Fire Suppression - Captain

Tim Cameron is the Captain currently assigned to Station 53 where he manages the Hazardous Materials Response Program for the City of Marietta. Captain Cameron was hired in March of 2000. He obtained his paramedic certification in 2002 and was promoted to Engineer in 2005. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2007. As a Lieutenant, he served in Suppression and in the Bureau of Fire Prevention where he obtained certifications of Fire and Life Safety Educator along with Fire Investigator. He was promoted to Captain in 2019.

Captain Cameron holds certifications for Fire Officer 1, Fire Instructor 2, Structural Fire Control Instructor, Pressurized Container Fire Control Instructor, Hazardous Materials Technician, and Specialist Certifications for WMD, tanker truck, and atmospheric monitoring. He also has an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies from Southwest Bible College.

He served 8 years with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Captain Cameron has served as a committee member for MAFFC and currently the member at large for the Cobb County Resource Council. He also serves as a TEMS medic for Marietta SWAT.

Cameron has worked for Dawson County Emergency Services as a firefighter/paramedic for the past 8 years.

Cameron’s awards consist of the following:

Multiple Life Saver Awards, Meritorious Service Medal with MFD 2005, Mary Beth Bowns Excellence in Trauma Award 2019, Hometown Hero Award from Marietta Rotary Club 2019, Firefighter Paramedic of the Year Dawson County 2018, Best of Dawson 2018 Firefighter; Dawson County News.

            Captain Tim Cameron


Fire Suppression - Captain

Brian Rutledge began his career with the Marietta Fire Department in March 2003. During the progression of his career, Brian has been involved in multiple areas of the fire department, including hazardous materials response, technical rescue training, air technician training to assist in the maintenance of the department’s breathing apparatuses, and Paramedic certification.

Brian was promoted to Lieutenant in 2012 and served as a Station Officer for 4 years. In 2016, he was assigned to the Fire Marshal’s Office where he served as the Lieutenant overseeing the Business Inspections for the City of Marietta enforcing State and Federal fire and life safety codes.

In December 2019, Brian was promoted to the position of Captain, serving now as the Station Captain for Marietta Fire Station 54.

          Captain Brian Rutledge