Starting a Business


Starting a Business in the City

Business License

  • Business License application
  • The business license application will be reviewed by Planning and Zoning (second floor) to determine if the area in which you're looking to start your business is properly zoned.
  • Fire Department conducts a fire safety inspection of the property/building.

If you need to make any changes to the existing building or signage, contact Building Inspections for proper permits.

Historic District

If your business will be located inside the historic district, you will need approval from the Historic Board of Review prior to making any exterior changes to your building, including paint color, signage, etc. Applications must be submitted at least four days prior to the hearing date. Requests will be approved or denied immediately following the hearing. Be prepared to make a presentation before the board and bring 25 copies of your presentation to the hearing.


All work, with the exception of painting and carpeting, will require additional permits. Please contact Building Inspections. The most frequently requested permits are building, heating, plumbing and electrical.

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