Tax Exempt Bond Financing

The city of Marietta offers tax-exempt bond financing through the Marietta Development Authority (MDA) to assist with the construction of new buildings and institutional facilities.
Marietta Development Authority. Helping Industry Grow.

Marietta Development Authority

The Marietta Development Authority (MDA) offers the potential of bond financing for qualifying businesses locating or expanding in Marietta. Tax-exempt bond financing provides for reductions in local ad valorem tax assessments and resulting property taxes that increase in benefit based upon the level of investment and the length of the leaseback program.

Industrial Project Financing

Financing industrial projects using private activity bonds may offer cost-savings and additional benefits over traditional debt instruments; especially so, should the project qualify for tax-exempt bonds. Either tax-exempt or taxable bonds may provide state and local ad valorem tax advantages, subject to the approval of the Authority and the Tax Assessor's Office of Cobb County. These advantages occur in a structured sale/leaseback transaction between the private sector entity and the authority of the real and personal property included in the bond issue. Business and industry clients and prospects may receive assistance in many areas, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Available industrial buildings.
  • Developed industrial sites.
  • Government permitting/approval process.
  • Low-cost bond financing.

Contact Us for Assistance

Staffing and operational support are provided by the Office of Economic Development of the city of Marietta, GA. Visit the Marietta Development Authority's webpage to learn more about MDA bond financing or contact The Economic Development Division for assistance.