Full-Time Employee Benefits

  • 12 paid city holidays
  • Accrue 10 paid vacation days the first year
  • Accrue 10 paid sick leave days each year
  • City/Board of Lights and Water (BLW) defined benefit general pension plan (employee contribution of 4%)
  • Fully vested in defined benefit pension plan after ten years of service
  • Early retirement available at a reduced benefit
  • No Social Security deduction means 6.2% of your salary is in your pocket
  • City/BLW-funded defined contribution supplemental pension plan in lieu of Social Security (6.13% of earnings for full-time employees after one year, 7.5% for part-time employees immediately)
  • 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans available for employee contributions using pre-tax or post-tax dollars
  • Medical/pharmacy, dental, and vision coverage provided at competitive premiums
  • Employee health clinic managed by Wellstar which provides services at no cost (new full-time hires may use the clinic for the first 60 days of employment until City's health insurance begins)
  • Life insurance equal to three-times salary up to $300,000 at no cost
  • Tuition reimbursement program ($2,000 per fiscal year)
  • No parking fees
  • Military, funeral, and court leave available for qualifying events
  • Sick leave sell back program for eligible employees each year of up to a week's pay
  • Weekly paychecks