Downtown Facade Grant

The Office of Economic Development assists new and existing businesses with finding available locations on the Square and navigating the permit process.  Additionally, it develops initiatives to ensure a pro-business climate downtown. The following information and resources are frequently used by prospective, new and existing downtown business owners.


Operating a Business Downtown

Businesses who are within the Central Business District (CBD) zoning area must get approval by the 
Historic Board of Review (HBR
) for any changes to the façade of their building. To preserve the authentic character of the Historic Marietta Square, the CBD has a unique zoning category and design requirements each property/business owner must adhere to. CBD business and property owners are required to have the design of proposed awnings, signs, and any exterior material changes to buildings evaluated by HBR prior to permitting and installation.

DMDA District Awning and Signage Grant

The Downtown Marietta Development Authority (DMDA) continuously seeks ways to encourage further economic development in the historic Marietta Square and surrounding district properties. The DMDA is currently offering a 50/50 matching grant (up to $2,000) for business owners located within the DMDA District who would like to enhance the appearance of their storefront by improving their signage and/or awnings. For additional information view the DMDA Signage Awning Grant Guidelines and Application (PDF).