Incentives & Financing

The Economic Development Division supports new and growing businesses by identifying incentives, low cost financing and other cost saving programs. These incentives include job tax credits, tax credits and tax-exempt financing as well as grants and loans for small businesses.


  • Businesses in Marietta can receive the states highest income tax credit benefit.
  • Marietta's millage rate is one of the lowest in Metro Atalanta at 23.587 mills.
  1. Downtown Business Grants

    The Economic Development Division assists new and existing businesses with finding available locations on the Square and navigating the permit process. Additionally, it develops initiatives to ensure a pro-business climate downtown. The following information and resources are frequently used by prospective, new and existing downtown business owners.

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  2. Tax Credits Overview

    Businesses located in Marietta may apply to receive a variety of income tax credits. Based on program requirements, businesses may be eligible for state job tax credits and retraining tax credits as well as federal tax credits for hiring individuals from certain target groups. The state's Job Tax Credit Program provides for new and existing businesses who choose to locate within one of the city's "Designated Tax Credit Areas" to receive the highest incentive for new job creation.

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  3. Tax Exempt Bond Financing

    The city of Marietta offers tax-exempt bond financing through the Marietta Development Authority (MDA) to assist with the construction of new buildings and institutional facilities.

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  4. Tax Exemptions

    There are two types of tax exemptions that reduce the cost of doing business in Marietta. Georgia's Sales Tax and Use Tax Exemptions allows businesses to purchase various goods and services tax free. The Freeport Inventory Tax Exemption exempts companies from paying state and local property taxes on qualifying inventory held in their factories and warehouses.

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