Kennesaw Mountain to Chattahoochee River Intown

Kennesaw Mountain to Chattahoochee River (KMCR) Multi-Use Trail Intown Section & North Section


This project consists of two multi-use trail segments including the following.
  • Marietta Station Walk to South Marietta Parkway (Intown Section).
  • Tower Road to North Marietta Parkway (North Section).

About the Project

This project includes installation of a 10 foot wide concrete multi-use trail extending from the current end of the KMCR Trail at Tower Road south through Downtown Marietta to West Atlanta Street. The route of the trail extends south along Roselane Street to North Sessions Street to Campbell Hill Street to Brumby Street through the Brumby Lofts to the existing pedestrian bridge over North Marietta Parkway. From there the trail makes its way along the Marietta Station Walk and the CSX Railroad to a new pedestrian bridge over South Marietta Parkway that will attach to Brown Park. Further south on West Atlanta Street, the trail will be on road. This project is funded with both federal and SPLOST funds. Construction is to begin Fall 2013.

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