Sanitation Rules

  1. Solid Waste Handling
  2. Additional Pickups
  3. Recycling
  4. Holiday Schedule

Solid Waste Handling Requirements

  • Customers must have Sanitation service with the city of Marietta and display an official city decal in order for garbage to be picked up.
  • City ordinance requires all city residents sign up for Sanitation service with the city of Marietta and that no private haulers are allowed to pick up sanitation within the city limits of Marietta. Please refer to City Code Section 5-8-050 (b).
  • Households must have an adequate number of garbage cans with tight-fitting lids. Customers are picked up according to their service level. Any additional cans above their service level will be charged at the rate of $5 per can per pickup.
  • Collection containers must not be more than 32 gallons in size. There will be a $10 charge per pickup for each can that exceeds 32 gallons.
  • No sharp items that can cause injury to collection personnel may be placed in cans.
  • The overall weight of the can when full may not exceed 60 pounds.
  • Cans should be stored at the rear of each household. They may be placed curbside before 7 a.m. only on the scheduled pickup day.
  • Call the Sanitation Division at 770-794-5595 to make arrangements to collect large trash items that cannot fit in your garbage can. Fees will vary, depending on weight and volume.
  • Wednesday is the pickup day for brush and yard trimmings. Yard trimmings may not to be mixed with regular household garbage. Branches and limbs must be six feet or shorter, and no single piece may be more than four inches in diameter or weigh more than 100 pounds. Grass and leaves must be bagged and set next to the curb. Bags for grass and leaves must not exceed 32 gallons in size. The city will not pick up logs and stumps.
  • There will be an excessive yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, pine cones, pine needles and brush) collection fee that will be added at the rate of $100 per load (approximately 200 cubic feet or 4x4x12) or (48 bags or more of yard waste) and/or a combination of both to equal 200 cubic feet. Residents should notify the Sanitation Division when they have excessive amounts of brush.
  • Trash or yard trimmings must be placed at the curb adjacent to the originating property before 7 a.m. only on the scheduled day of collection. Items placed at the curb must not obstruct sidewalks, gutters or the free movement of traffic.
  • Customers should use biodegradable paper bags for yard trimmings because state law prohibits plastic in compost landfills.
  • Households, contractors and tree surgeons are responsible for disposing of construction debris, demolition waste and trees or oversized limbs. The city will not collect these items. The city will not pick up any parts of a tree that a tree surgeon cuts down. The tree surgeon is responsible for removing the tree.
  • It is unlawful to sweep or throw waste material into streets, vacant lots, streams, storm drains, sewers, someone else's container or any dumpsites.
  • The city will not collect building material, tires, motor oil, batteries, liquid or hazardous wastes. Paint will be collected if completely dried out and placed next to the curb on your regular garbage day. Remove can lids. Use cat litter or sand to dry out paint.
  • All items (household garbage, brush or yard waste, extra pick-up items and recycling) must be ready for pickup and disposal at 7 a.m. the scheduled day of service.
  • Used cat litter must be double bagged and placed by the curb (curbside only) on your regular garbage day.
New residents can pick up city decals for garbage containers at the Sanitation Division, located at 725 North Marietta Pkwy or by calling 770-794-5581 or 770-794-5595, to request they be mailed to you. Replacement stickers for current customers must be ordered from the Sanitation Division by calling 770-794-5581 or 770-794-5595. If you do not display a sticker on your garbage can, you will be charged a $10 per can fee each time garbage is collected.