Exemption Application (PDF)
 Trust Affidavit (PDF)

Disability Exemption 

Homeowners who meet the homestead requirements and are totally disabled are entitled to receive a Disability Exemption of $2,000.  You must present proof of disability from your physician. If you are totally disabled, please indicate that on the exemption form and submit the appropriate documents.

Property Taxpayer Reassessment Relief Act (Floating Exemption)

When your homestead property is reassessed, the homestead exemption in the bond, cemetery and city categories on your tax bill will increase equal to the amount that the gross value increased.

Regular Homestead Exemption

If you own residential property within Marietta city limits and you live on that property, you qualify for a $4,000 homestead exemption.

School Tax Exemption

To qualify for school tax exemption, your property must be owner-occupied and you must be 62 years of age by January 1 of the qualifying year. You must provide proof of age (copy of drivers license, birth certificate, Georgia state identification card, etc.). School tax exemption is granted for no more than one acre of land.

Veteran’s Disability Exemption

Veterans with a 100% disability or compensated at the 100% disability level as adjudicated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and defined in Georgia Code Section 48-5-48must furnish a letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Administration, or discharge papers from military records certifying the qualifying disability.

The Veteran’s Disability Exemption extends to the un-remarried, surviving spouse or minor children at the time of the applicant’s death, provided they continue to occupy the home as a residence and homestead.

Year’s Support

Widows/widowers may be exempt from taxes for the year by submitting a Year’s Support final order issued by the Cobb County Probate Court.

Submitting Your Exemption Application

Be sure to complete all of the information that applies to you. If you return the form by mail or courier and send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, we will send you a signed copy of your form.

Homestead, school tax and disability exemptions may be filed all year long, but to qualify for the current year exemption, you must occupy the property by January 1 and apply by April 1. That is the absolute deadline for filing—all forms filed after April 1 will be processed for the following year. Even if you qualify for any or all of the exemptions, you will not receive the exemptions for that year if you do not meet the deadline. Applications postmarked by the due date are accepted.

If you have already applied for your exemption, you do not have to reapply.

All returns (change of ownership) must be filed with:
The Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office
736 Whitlock Avenue
Suite 200,
Marietta, Georgia 30064
Phone: 770-528-8600

Change of Mailing Address & Homestead Exemption Removal Request

Please complete and submit The Change of Address and Homestead Exemption Removal form to request a change of mailing address and/or to request the Homestead Exemption removal.