Records Search & Copies

  •  The State of Georgia Court Common Records Retention Schedule requires courts to retain files related to traffic and local ordinance violations for 7 years; 10 years for the offenses of Driving Under the Influence, misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and Shoplifting. The retention time begins on the date of completion. Case files are destroyed once the mandatory retention time has expired.
  •  Charge for copies are as follows: 
    • Up to 10 pages at no charge; 
    • $0.10 per page if more than 10 pages are copied;  
    • $5 for certified copy. 
  • There is no charge for records search and subsequent findings unless copies are requested.
  •  Record searches conducted by this office will only provide case information for offenses that occurred within the city limits of Marietta and are of a misdemeanor nature as described above. This record search will not reveal arrests for any other offenses.
  •  To obtain records searches for arrest types and/or convictions other than those described above, you should contact the Cobb County State Court and/or Superior Court or request a criminal history from Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
  • To obtain driver history information, please contact the Georgia Department of Public Safety.
  •  Upon receipt of your request for record search, please be aware staff will attempt to conduct a record search immediately. However, in certain instances it may require as long as 72 hours to complete your request.
  •  To request a record search/copies of records, please complete a Records Request Form (PDF).  Record request forms may be emailed to .