Upcoming Projects S - Z

  1. South Marietta at Atlanta
  2. Sign Reflectivity
  3. Street Marking Reflectivity
  4. Traffic Calming Devices
  5. Traffic Calming-Intersections
  6. Traffic Control Center
  7. West Dixie Avenue Intersection

South Marietta Parkway at Atlanta Street - Intersection Improvements

This intersection improvement project will increase pedestrian safety and improve traffic operations. ADA ramps, pedestrian lighting, sidewalks, and crosswalks will be installed at all 4 corners to provide access in all directions. Dedicated right turn lanes will be installed for northbound and southbound traffic on Atlanta Street. Retaining walls will be installed for the widening of the right turn lanes. Coordination with CSX has taken place as this project runs alongside a CSX railroad track. Signal upgrades will also be included to improve traffic operations. Construction is estimated to begin Fall 2016.

View the Concept Display (PDF).