Court Services

  1. Community Service

    The Court may order community service as a condition of your sentence.

  2. Court Appointed Attorney

    In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a court appointed attorney at no cost to you other than a $50 application fee.

  3. Court Interpreter Services

    Language interpreters are available. Your case will not be heard until an interpreter is made available to you.

  4. Posting Bond for Jail Release

    Individuals arrested during a traffic or local ordinance violation may be eligible for release by posting a bond.

  5. Pretrial Diversion Program

    The Pretrial Diversion Program is designed to allow an opportunity to first time offenders for certain offenses to complete certain requirements/conditions and upon successful completion, the offenses will be nolle prosequi.

  6. Records

    You may request a records search, or copies of records, from the Municipal Court.