Crime-Free Housing

Crime-free housing certification promotes safer rental housing.

Crime-Free Housing Program

The Marietta Police Department collaborates with property managers and residents to keep crime out of rental properties as part of the crime-free housing program. A certified property can enjoy a dramatic reduction in police calls for their residents.

The crime-free housing program was developed to create a coalition among police, property managers and residents of rental properties to work together to keep crime out of rental properties. It involves a certification process for properties that are involved.

Part of the program requires rental agreements including a crime free lease addendum listing specific crimes, which if committed by a lessee, will result in immediate termination of the resident's lease.
Police Crime Free Housing


By achieving the designation as a crime-free housing area, apartment complexes have
historically enjoyed a reduction in crime rates, as well as higher occupancy rates. The Marietta Police Department is optimistic the overall impact of the crime-free housing program will make Marietta a safer place.

Incentives are offered for reaching this certification, including training provided by law enforcement.

For more information, contact the Marietta Police Department at 770-794-5328.