Film Permits

About Film Permits

The City of Marietta invites and encourages television and film production. City property may be used if the City of Marietta's primary responsibility to provide service and protection to the general public is not impaired and/or the city of Marietta is compensated for the time, labor and other costs associated with allowing the use of City of Marietta property and facilities.

The City of Marietta is not held responsible for any injury, accident, destruction of property or other occurrence associated with the project. The City of Marietta reserves the right to refuse access to city property on the grounds of prior reference examination and portrayal of the city in the content of the project.

Filming & Production Documents

Please review both the City of Marietta's Film Policy (PDF) and City Code pertaining to filming below for more detailed information regarding policies and procedures on filming within the City of Marietta.

In order for your film project to be considered the City of Marietta requires the following.

  1. If you know your location(s) verify that the City of Marietta is the proper jurisdiction by entering the address into the Property Search tool at this link: 
  2. A completed Film Permit Application 
  3. Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  4. Insurance Endorsement (PDF)
    • These are two (2) separate documents regarding insurance. Please see examples and required information in the COI and Insurance Endorsement documents. The highlighted areas of both documents is where your information should go.
  5. Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF)
    • The hold harmless agreement should be completed and signed and returned to the City of Marietta with your film permit application and insurance information.

Additional Information

We understand and acknowledge that your legal departments may need to review some or all of these documents. Any submitted changes are subject to the City of Marietta's City Attorney review. These charges will be added to your film invoice at a rate of $175/hr.

Contact Information

Completed documents or film inquiries can be emailed to Rich Buss, or via fax at 770-794-5635.

Thank you for considering the City of Marietta for your film project and we look forward to working with you!

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