Submit Applications and Plans Online

The City of Marietta introduces a new web based site plan, plat, and building permit application software available August 14, 2017. This site will allow users to fill out applications through the city website for site plans, plats, and building permit applications.

Citizens and contractors will no longer be required to visit Marietta City Hall to submit applications and plans. You can simply submit plans and other related documents in a digital format through the website. It will no longer be necessary to visit multiple departments for approvals. Users will be able to communicate through the application with our city staff and notifications will be sent to the citizen and city staff during the review process. All plans will be reviewed and marked-up electronically.

Submittal and payments for site plan reviews, plats, and building permits will be available August 14, 2017. Submittal and payments for other permit types will be available in the late fall of 2017.

Citizens and contractors must create an online account in order to participate.

Submit Application Online