Let's Save Money Together!

Marietta Power and Water staff work hard every day to make sure that our utility rates are among the lowest in Georgia. Electricity and Water is essential to our everyday life, but no one wants to pay any more than we have to for the value that these services provide.

About GreenStreet

  • Marietta Power and Water has joined other public utilities in the state to create a program of services and incentives to help customers save energy, conserve water and ultimately save money.

Web-based Home Efficiency Analysis

  • Specific advice on how customers can potentially save energy in their home based on user inputs

Rebates and Incentives

  • Marietta Power and Water is offering rebates for ENERGY STAR certified central heating and air-conditioning equipment and ENERGY STAR certified appliances
  • Rebates are paid by a one-time credit on your Marietta Power and Water bill
  • Rebates are available for limited time

HVAC Rebate Terms

  • Must be Energy Star compliant
  • Must be central units only on primary dwelling
  • Must be an electric air conditioner or heat pump (dual fuel is eligible)
  • Must be installed new by a qualified contractor in Georgia
  • Must be sized correctly (approximately 1 ton per 700 sq ft)

HVAC Rebates

  • $250 for gas to Energy Star electric unit*
  • $100 for electric to Energy Star electric unit
  • $150 for new home installation of Energy Star electric unit

energyguide energy_star_med

Appliance Rebate Terms

  • Must be Energy Star compliant
  • Only one item in each category will qualify for rebate (i.e. If you buy two refrigerators, you only receive a rebate for one; if you buy one refrigerator and one dishwasher, you receive rebate for both)

Appliance Rebates

  • $10 for water heater blanket (R-6 or greater)
  • $25 for freezer
  • $30 for programmable thermostat
  • $30 for room air conditioner
  • $50 for clothes washer
  • $50 for dishwasher
  • $50 for standard-sized refrigerator (old refrigerator must be removed)
  • $250 for heat pump water heater

How to receive the rebate

Submit completed application, energy guide tag, and original receipt showing brand and model to Marketing department.

  • Only Marietta Power & Water electric customers are eligible for rebates
  • Marketing representative may inspect all equipment and appliances after they are installed
  • Rebate applications are also available at Marietta Power and Water offices, 675 North Marietta Parkway
  • Rebates cannot be combined with any other rebates offered by Marietta Power and Water
  • *A Marietta Power and Water representative must verify the old gas unit before it is removed and again after the new electric unit is installed

Download the application (PDF)