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1. When is the next written examination?
2. Can I take the entrance examination more than once?
3. Do I have to take a polygraph?
4. What are the age requirements?
5. What level of education is required to be a firefighter?
6. Do I get any extra points for a college degree or college credits?
7. Is a Fire Fighter I/II and NREMT certification required to apply?
8. If my NREMT certification status is inactive, can I still apply?
9. Do I have to have a driver's license to be a Firefighter/EMT?
10. Can I transfer from another fire service to the Marietta Fire Department without having to take the test?
11. How long will it take from the time I apply to the time I will go on shift in the event that I make it through the entire process?
12. How many firefighters get hired by the Marietta Fire Department?
13. How can I get more information?