Departments & Divisions

  1. Accounting

    The Accounting Division is the centralized financial accounting center of the city. Its functions includes maintaining fund accounting systems, cash management, internal controls, ensuring financial compliance and more.

  2. Budget & Payroll

    The Budget & Payroll Division prepares, recommends, implements and tracks the revenue and expenditure budgets for the 35 funds of the city. This process includes collecting and analyzing the strategic five-year plan of the city's departments to coordinate their funding levels with their goals.

  3. Building Inspections

    The Building Inspection division provides building plan review. The Division issues building, electrical, grading, heating and air, and plumbing permits; performs building, electrical, grading, heating and air, and plumbing inspections; and issues certificates of occupancy.

  4. Business License

    The Business License Division administers business/occupation taxes; regulatory fees; franchise fees from telephone, electric power, cable television, fiber-optic cable and natural gas providers; alcoholic beverage excise taxes, hotel/motel occupancy taxes, rental motor vehicle excise taxes and insurance premium taxes.

  5. Code Enforcement

    The Code Enforcement Division's purpose is to preserve and enforce the general welfare, safety, and sanitary standards for its citizens, neighborhoods, and guests. Marietta is known locally and nationally for its ambiance, quality of life and cleanliness.

  6. Community Development

  7. Development Services

    The services provided by the Development Services department are designed to support balanced and innovative development within the city and provide for future growth. The main goal of the department is to protect and strengthen the community and neighborhoods while also encouraging innovative business and real estate development that will enlarge the tax base, create and retain jobs, and provide for high-quality developments that will enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

  8. Economic Development

    The City of Marietta’s Economic Development Division fosters local economic growth by attracting and retaining businesses, encouraging redevelopment, and embracing innovation. Our staff of Economic Development professionals are dedicated to supporting the creation, sustainability and growth of both small and large businesses and entrepreneurs.

  9. Engineering

    Engineering monitors special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) funds, issues utility, lane/road closure and land disturbance permits, assist citizens in dead tree determination and removal from public property and right-of-way, along with other responsibilities.

  10. Environmental Services

    The Environmental Services Division provides residential garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection for city residents.

  11. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for administration of all financial activities of the city and Board of Lights and Water. The department provides the services necessary to effectively and efficiently conduct the City/BLW's fiscal affairs, as well as providing direction, coordination, and implementation of major financial and administrative policy decisions in accordance with applicable state law and local code. The Finance Department collects, projects, acquires and controls the city's financial resources in a way that promotes stability and integrity.

  12. Fire

    The Marietta Fire Department serves nearly 62,000 residents and approximately 7,300 businesses in 22.78 square miles.

  13. Geographic Information Systems

    The GIS division serves staff, citizens and businesses of the city of Marietta by using geographic information systems technology to provide data in a tabular or graphic format. Staff manages and administers land and utility data and creates specialized maps, reports and analytical projects for city departments, engineering firms, planners, local universities and interested citizens.

  14. Human Resources & Risk Management

    Gather more information about the Human Resources Department of the city of Marietta, and find out more about the benefits and employment opportunities available through the city.

  15. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department is organized into 2 divisions: Network Services and Systems Applications.

  16. Municipal Court

    The Municipal Court adjudicates violations of local ordinances including zoning and parking offenses. Municipal Court also imposes civil penalties for photo-enforced red-light violations and photo-enforced school bus stop arm violations.

  17. Parks, Recreation & Facilities

    Marietta Parks and Recreation maintains all city parks with a variety of amenities, including the iconic Glover Park on the Marietta Square. The department offers various programs, athletics and special events throughout the year and also maintains two (2) indoor recreation facilities.

  18. Planning & Zoning

  19. Police

    The Marietta Police Department is a fully accredited police organization with a modern, well-educated, highly competent staff.

  20. Power & Water

    Learn more about the Marietta Power and Water department including information for residents and commercial customers.

  21. Public Works

    The City of Marietta Public Works Department provides a quality environment for the city of Marietta and ensures that the city's roadways, streets, drainage and bridge infrastructure are safe, clean and attractive.

  22. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Division directs the efficient, legal and cost-effective procurement of goods and services for all city and Board of Lights and Water departments. The division is responsible for purchasing, with the objective of ensuring that all materials, supplies, services and equipment required are acquired in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality required and in compliance with all applicable procurement legislation.

  23. Tax

    Information about taxes, including exceptions, change of address, tax sale listing, mileage rates, frequently asked questions, and more.

  24. Traffic Operations

    The Traffic Operations Division installs and maintains all signalized intersections and signage and markings within the city.