Weed & Seed Project

About the Project

The Weed and Seed project helps rebuild and restructure communities that have suffered because of criminal activity and social decay. The program encourages residents to work with law enforcement agencies to deter crime, identify resources and restore the community.

The Weed and Seed project also brings federal resources to Marietta to join city police in tackling crime.

Becoming a Weed & Seed Community

The selection of the Franklin Road neighborhood as a Weed and Seed community is the result of a 4-year effort by the city of Marietta to produce positive changes for the residents and business owners in the area. The effort began with the establishment of the Franklin Road Task Force and Marietta Weed and Seed committee.

All-America City Award

The city's relationships with the community in fighting crime were also a factor in Marietta being awarded the 2006 All-America City award. Marietta is the first Georgia city in 30 years to win the award.