Plumbing Permits

Welcome to our newest feature, ONLINE PLAN SUBMITTAL  

Please use the link below for more information and to learn how to submit your plans online. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this new system. Please contact our Permit Technicians or plan review staff for more information. 


Please email or call if you have any questions or concerns, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming ONLINE PERMITTING to begin soon!


A plumbing permit is required for all work done on a plumbing system (water supply, sewer, grease traps, gas line, etc.).

WATER OR AIR is to be on your drainage system and supply at the time of your Plumbing Rough inspection.
Minimum requirements will be as required by International Building Code, International Residential Code.

Water Services
The City of Marietta will install back-flow devices for all new commercial and new residential meter installations. Water services require thermal expansion for any new commercial, new residential and retrofits of existing systems. Also, new construction as well as any renovations.

Grease Traps
Our department will perform the connection and cover up inspection, but for specific information or questions, please call BLW Water & Sewer,
Pierre Brochu, 770-794-5728.