Building Permits

Building permits are required for:

  • All new construction
  • Alterations to existing construction when owner or agent intends to
    • Enlarge
    • Alter
    • Repair
    • Move
    • Demolish
    • Change occupancy of a building
  • Temporary buildings
Permitting (building)/after approval of site plans:

Plans are required for all commercial and residential building. Submit five sets of building/structural plans designed and one digital set of plans under the International Building Code, Georgia Fire Codes and city of Marietta construction codes. These plans will be required for review and retained by the following departments as noted below:

  • One set - reviewed by commercial building inspector
  • Two sets - reviewed by the Marietta Fire Department
If construction is more than $100,000 or if the major occupancy is assembly, multi-family, educational, industrial, or the building/structure is three stories high or more, or the building/structure is 5,000 square feet or more in area, or the construction falls under the state of Georgia's fire safety rule, then the plans must be stamped by a Georgia registered engineer or architect.

All restaurants, food catering businesses or food serving facilities must obtain approval from the:

Cobb County Health Department
Office of Environmental Safety
3830 South Cobb Drive, Suite 102
Marietta, GA 30080

The Health Department must grant approval before a building permit will be issued, and they can be reached at 770-435-7815.

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