Historic Preservation

The city of Marietta contains:
  • 5 National Register Historic Districts
  • 4 locally designated landmarks
  • 3 locally designated residential Historic Districts (Kennesaw Avenue,Church Cherokee, and Forest Hills)
  • The Downtown Marietta Historic District
  1. Commission

    The purpose of Marietta's historic preservation ordinance is to protect and enhance the historical and aesthetic attraction to tourists and visitors and thereby promote and stimulate business, and to provide for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, and works of art having a special historic, architectural, cultural, or aesthetic interest or value, and to provide reasonable flexibility for property owners to improve and maintain their properties below certain thresholds and for special circumstances.

  2. Historic Board of Review

    The Marietta Board of Review makes decisions regarding the preservation of historic buildings with the historic district set forth in Section 7-8-8-020.

  3. Historic Districts

    Have a deeper look at the Historic Districts located in Marietta, and learn more about how they are differentiated.

  4. Local Landmarks

    Have a look at some local Marietta landmarks highlighted by the Historic Preservation Commission.