2016 SPLOST Projects

Marietta City Council reviewed and identified the following projects as priorities for the city of Marietta for inclusion in the 2016 SPLOST. Some projects on the list are identified as tiered projects which are to be constructed if proceeds exceed the amount necessary to implement the other identified projects in the list.
  1. Upcoming Projects A - L

    Find out what the upcoming projects starting with the letters A - L are including Allgood Road at Merritt Road Intersection, Cherokee Street Sidewalks, Cobb Parkway at Allgood Road, along with others.

  2. Upcoming Projects K - O

    Learn about upcoming projects that begin with the letters K - O including Kennesaw Avenue, Merritt Road at Barnes Mill Road, North Loop Pedestrian Improvement, along with others.

  3. Upcoming Projects P - Z

    See what upcoming there are that start with the letters P - Z including Powder Springs Street Streetscape, Sandtown Road, along with others.