Floodplain Management

Floodplains as a Community Assets

"Floodplains as a Community Asset" is a 4-minute video that explains-with images and statistics-the advantages to both local governments and developers of using flood-prone areas wisely and in keeping with their natural functions. Using footage from Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas, the video gives specific examples of communities that are boosting their economies, creating jobs, improving the marketability of real estate, and enhancing quality of life for their residents, all by recognizing that floodplains are desirable and valuable natural areas. This is a stimulating and persuasive tool for a community meeting or other outreach.

The video was produced by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) of the Denver metropolitan area and the National Association of Stormwater and Flood Management Agencies, in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Standards

Another short, 4-minute video, this one by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, promotes higher regulatory standards, especially freeboard, and open space as means of reducing flood losses and enhancing community livability. "Higher Standards" features results of research by Texas A&M University to determine precisely which measures truly reduce flood losses and also highlights the Community Rating System.

Commentary is included from representatives of the City of Austin, Texas, and Pierce County, Washington-both CRS communities.

National Flood Insurance Program

Marietta participates in the national flood insurance program (NFIP), which makes federally-backed flood insurance available for all eligible buildings, whether they are in a floodplain or not. Flood insurance covers direct losses caused by surface flooding, including a river or stream flowing over its banks, a lake or ocean storm and local drainage problems.

The NFIP insures buildings, including mobile homes, with two types of coverage: building and contents. Building coverage is for the walls, floors, insulation, furnace and other items permanently attached to the structure. Contents coverage may be purchased separately, if the contents are in an insurable building.

Mandatory Purchase Requirement

The Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994 made the purchase of flood insurance mandatory for federally backed mortgages on buildings located in special flood hazard areas (SFHAs). It also affects all forms of federal or federally related financial assistance for buildings located in SFHAs. The SFHA is the base (100-year) floodplain mapped on a flood insurance rate map (FIRM).